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Pre-employment Integrity assessments information

The Right Hiring Information When You Need It

The Pre-Employment Assessment System is a reliable and predictive suite of pre-employment assessment tests and benchmarking tools that identify candidates with the aptitude and attitude for on-the-job success.

Fast Ramp-Up Time – No Experience Necessary

Our system is designed to be set-up and managed by the busy HR manager or small business owner with little hassle, disruption, and distraction. We will help you get started and test your 1st candidates quickly – often within 1 business day.

The system requires minimal training and support.

We will help manage everything you need including setting up your administrative portal, setting up multiple users, creating job events

for emailing applicants, creating notifications plus much more.

After that all you have to do is log onto your secure online dashboard to view applicant results. Using current psychometric research and state of the art technology Applicant integrity gets you the candidate job fit results you need when you need them without expensive implementation costs, lengthy user certifications, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Maximum Affordability

Our Service is priced right for the low volume user – the small business who hires infrequently – or the busy recruiter and HR staff – who screens dozens or hundreds of applicants daily.

Our Pay-As-You-Go unit option

This allows the low volume organization to purchase as few as 10 units (to test 10 candidates) with no long-term commitment. Use the units as you need them over 24 months … and when the units are used, you just call us to replenish your account.

Bulk Volume option

Employers who expect to test hundreds or thousands of applicants annually can purchase a 12-month subscription based on either employee count or projected usage.

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