Hire the right people, for the right jobs! A pre-employment background check can save you from lost productivity, material theft, training losses, liability costs, criminal operations, and a damaged reputation. Help keep your workplace safe.

Whether you are a small company, or a large company workplace theft is real, and it can cost you a hefty price per year. Not to mention the costs involved when you must replace an employee that was found to be violating company policies by stealing from you. Clearly, there are many more reasons why we recommend you run background screenings on all your candidates. Below you will see some examples related to workplace theft and how much it is costing businesses.

There is a hidden risk facing small businesses across the country that often goes unnoticed until it suddenly rips through a firm’s finances: employee theft. It’s a crime that is costing U.S. businesses $50 billion annually, according to Statistic Brain. Yes, you read that right, $50 billion annually!

Matt Ham can attest to that. He has had two run-ins with thefts by employees at his small business, Computer Repair Doctor, which has eight stores in Florida, Ohio and South Carolina, which collectively totals 30 employees.
At a store in Florida, two employees were caught stealing parts from inventory and skimming cash about a year and half ago, he said. After a thorough investigation, Ham sat them down with his attorney and they came up with a plan for restitution. Both employees had to pay back the thousands of dollars they stole. The chain has now put more safeguards in places, such as better inventory controls and a strict cash-counting process.

Then, at LaptopMD, a store in New York City that his firm runs on behalf of another company, Ham said an employee misused the company’s Amazon Services account by changing it to his personal account. “All of the funds we were charging customers kept getting redirected into his personal account,” said Ham, claiming that the employee had also started a side business and used employees at the store to perform work for it without their knowledge. Fortunately, he said, the situation was discovered within two weeks and the company currently has filed embezzlement charges against the employee.

Ham isn’t alone in his travails. A new study by Hiscox, a global specialist insurer, found that U.S. businesses affected by employee theft lost an average of $1.13 million in 2016. Small and midsize businesses were hit disproportionately, representing 68 percent of the cases. Their median loss last year was $289,864.

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As you can see these figures can be astounding, and the damage can be irreparable. Let’s not forget that this can happen to any business no matter the size of staff. You may be asking yourself: what do I do? Who should I call? Well, the best way to start safeguarding your business is to reach out to us so that we can custom tailor a background check package that works for you. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed once we get you set up with the right background check package.

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